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Shared values, different cultures, one goal

The TimeFlyz way

Make the most
of every hour

At TimeFlyz, we’re passionate about providing a new and innovative way for people to enjoy microstay experiences.

Our team is made up of diverse individuals from all over the world, each bringing their unique expertise to the table.

Together, we share a common goal of revolutionising the hotel industry and providing a new level of convenience and flexibility for our users..


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Meet our Team

We are a team made up of dynamic, multicultural, and highly experienced individuals

Sachin Sabharwal
Ajay Mehta
Juliana Ferreira
Nikhil Jadhav
Business Dev.
Our story

Turning hotel passion into innovative plans

it's much more than a booking app

At TimeFlyz, we are all about innovation and providing a new way for people to experience premium accommodations.

Our founder, Sachin Sabharwal, has years of experience in the hotel industry, having owned and directed many successful cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

As a hotel owner himself, Sach saw an opportunity to shake up the industry and provide a truly unique and innovative experience for users.

And so, TimeFlyz was born – offering the possibility of booking a hotel by the hour, providing ultimate flexibility for users and boosting the hotel industry all at the same time!

With the help of a dream team of experts, Sachin was able to turn his vision into a reality. And the name “TimeFlyz” perfectly encapsulates Sachin’s way of life – living in the moment and making the most of every hour.

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